About Yuanity

Yuanity is a mixture from serendipity and will. The jewelery is an art piece with a mixture of modern and classic, which also includes some ancient knowledge of 5 elements and birth date to help change one’s life to the better one.

Beautiful, masterful design never goes out of fashion

Founders of Yuanity are into professional knowledge of the 5 elements, Tian Gan and birth date calculation knowledge. They have developed the Yin Yang Reconciliation Law. Throughout the history, everyone has a different character, where even though people of same birth date could have different life. The compilation of these knowledge can bring a great relation on a person’s life, let us help you to use it right, to help improve your lifestyle!


The application of birth date into faith and destiny is known to have a long history and knowledge heritage. In fact, it is kept in pace with modern times. With the progress of time, they are among the few to be changed so that they are able to cooperate with the law of attraction, and thus be more effective.

Holding the power of gratitude and compassion, the intention of the Yuanity is expected to bring a positive and balanced attitude towards the public. We hope to be able to create happy & positive energy life for all!